Top 7 Places to Bass Fishing in Orlando Florida 2023



Fishing started in ancient times. In those eras, they did fishing using different methods for food which was the main need. By the 22nd century, fish has become a one of staple food for humans. Apart from this, people do fishing as a hobby. These people travel around the world and do fishing.  This enables them to catch new types of fish and taste different fish. The fact that they can catch a big or rarest fish adds to their enjoyment. That’s why tourists and local fishermen alike flock to Orlando, the perfect city for it.

Bass Fishing In Orlando, Florida

Orlando has many lakes, canals and rivers. This enables the anglers to fish in different environments. This area is one of the best fishing areas in the USA. Let’s see how Bass fishing in Orlando is now.

Bass fishing in orlando

What type of bass fish can be found in Orlando?

Bass fish live in several species. Such as Suwanee Bass, Spotted Bass and Largemouth Bass. In Orlando, we can see this Largemouth Bass fish the most. They are often found in freshwater around Orlando. Bass fish has green and gray eyes and a big mouth. There are times when they weigh as much as 20 pounds.

Popular places for bass fishing in Orlando

  • Lake Tohopekaliga: This lake is known as Toho by locals. This is a large lake south of Orlando. Fishing here is popular among tourists and locals. Here you can see more Largemouth Bass fish.

Bass Fishing in toho lake

  • Lake Kissimmee: One of the lakes in the Kissimmee Lake Cluster. A popular spot for bass fishing. Because of its vegetation it is a good habitat for Bass fish. It is located southeast of Orlando. Those who come here will definitely have luck in catching Bass fish.

Bass Fishing Lake Kissimmee

  • Butler Chain of Lakes: This group of lakes consisting of 11 lakes is also a palace of Bass fish. Visitors can catch Bass fish. It has clear water and plants that provide habitat for bass fish.

Bass Fishing in Butler Chain of Lakes

  • Lake Conway: Located south of Orlando, this lake is a favorite spot for bass anglers. It is known to have a large population of Bass fish. It is coverd with Trees.

Bass fishing in Lake Conway

  • Lake Ivanhoe: Lake Ivanhoe is one of the most popular urban lakes for bass fishing. A number of Bass live here too. Therefore, there is no shortage of fishermen in this area every day.


  • Lake Jesup: This is one of the largest lakes not only in Orlando but also in Central Florida. This is a famous spot for crappie fishing and bass fishing. You can visit here by boats.


  • Lake Monroe: It is part of the St. Johns River system and is home to largemouth bass. There is a large fish population here. The lake is covered by cypress trees, making it a good habitat for fish.

What is the best month for bass fishing in Florida?

Fishing in Florida is possible year-round due to its warm climate. But based on water temperature and bass behavior, some of the best months for fishing have been named. Tourists and anglers consider the months of March and April (spring season) to be the best time for bass fishing. And in the months of October and November you will be able to get a good harvest of fish. There are many anglers who are successful not only in these months but also in other months. As such, Orlando is ideal for year-round bass fishing.

Best Baits for Bass Fishing in Orlando

All Bass fish species look for natural bait. You can use worms, frogs, minnows, chubs, leeches or crayfish for this. This can catch well-grown bass. In some areas the use of live bait is prohibited and it is your responsibility to check.


In this article, you have detailed some of the great lakes in Orlando that are home to bass fish. Orlando is also a great place if you are a fishing enthusiast. If you’re traveling to Orlando, don’t forget to catch bass fish. 

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