25000 Untapped Niche Market : How to Find Untouched Niches

You will find the best market once you are clear about this. For what improvement would I like to be remembered in 1,000 lives?

Why is this important?

You will learn about the current state of marketing today and you will see some examples of how to find not only an untapped niche but also a completely untouched market from within yourself.

Let’s get started.

What worked before won’t work in 2022

The Old Niche Model

Source: Google Trends and Market Share:

  • Marketing Niches
  • Finance Niches
  • Health Niches
  • Pet Niches
  • Beauty Niches

Start writing blogs or advertising on Facebook. You will have a lot of traffic in 3 months or 1 year.

The amount of information on the internet is so overwhelming that it’s impossible to keep up.

The New Niche Model

You can no longer hide and win. To transcend and tap into niches, the Oz behind the curtain must be revealed. You must become burdened with the problems of a few people and lead them.

You’ll find it easier than you imagine.

This video shows you how to take advantage of this new niche-model way.

Untapped Niche Market Examples

You can find your purpose when you look deep inside, and analyze your past and your future aspirations.

There is no competition even if another person enters the space. The content that you post comes from you. Why?

Your writing style, teaching style, and coaching style are unique. No one can replicate it.

You will notice that some of these examples overlap with other niches, while others are the first to enter the market.

What is an untapped market?

Create a niche for yourself, as in these examples. This is the only way to find a market that has not been explored.

Guided Hikes for Healing Coach: From banker



Matt’s first-born son died at age two. Matt and his wife struggled for years to keep their marriage together.

Matt started hiking in the forest a few times a week, following his intuition. In his “In the Woods”, Matt discovered methods and techniques that helped him sort through the confusion. He slowly began to go from being broken to a person who is as whole as possible again.

There are many solutions to his hurt.

He encouraged his wife to join him on these walks. Matt and Alice found purpose and healing through their outdoor adventures.

Matt started the Get Outdoors Project as a side gig to help other parents who have experienced similar trauma, veterans suffering from PTSD, and other individuals with past traumatic experiences.

How’s Matt Custom Market doing?

After only a few months Matt has gained the support of several university psychology departments. Many psychologists encourage their clients to take these hikes for restoration.

Matt has discovered grounding exercises that help people talk about their issues on a hike. He has also seen amazing 180-degree changes in many individuals after just one hike.

Matt will be able to live his dream, as he can transition from a side hustle into his full-time job. Matt will be promoting the health benefits of hiking for restoration and training others. He will also lead hikes most of the time, instead of working at his bank job.

Container Gardening in Suburbia Backyards

Container Gardening in Suburbia Backyards

Gardening? This is a niche market that’s oversaturated!

gardening can be done in containers from heirloom seedlings, but not in a suburban backyard. Jeremy, the green thumb gardening expert, is carving a path through this area.

The home-grown experiment

Jeremy started gardening with his children for fun and threw a few videos on YouTube. They took off, and now he owns a full affiliate website about container gardening.

Jeremy writes about growing tomatoes in containers and other things. Food prepper, organic gardening, and food preservation are all mixed in one place.


Your Miraculous body


Samantha is certified and trained in women’s health and nutrition, as well as gastrointestinal disorders. She also has experience with diet and lifestyle interventions. Women’s nutrition can be a bit saturated.

Two of her close friends were diagnosed with IBS during her studies.

She found out that, after reaching out to her teachers and doing some online research, and consulting her many textbooks, there were no answers to the question of how to manage IBS as effectively as possible with minimal medical intervention.

Women’s Nutrition, Saturated! The saturated medical field for IBS!

What Did Samantha Do?

She discovered that MDs receive only a small amount of training to assist IBS patients, with their challenges such as diet, exercise, and mental challenges. So she started a blog.

No one else is blogging about IBS diets, herbs for IBS, or exercises for IBS.

She has now released a comprehensive help for IBS.

Golf Coach Switches to Coaching the Business of Golf

man plaing golf

Golf is a saturated niche, right?

It does not teach how to grow a golf business. You will have to do it yourself, or you can get an MBA which is only a small help.

Meet Harrington Golf Academy. Tad is an Irish golf professional who has built a successful business as a golf coach.

He can only coach a single person for about 40 hours per week, and he doesn’t want to just trade his time anymore for money. He is now transitioning away from golf coaching to teaching golf coaches how to grow a business.

How about coaching golf coaches to grow their golf businesses?

An untapped market!

How to unlock one of these 25000 untapped niche markets in 2023

The first step in the journey of all these niche market entrepreneurs to realize their dreams was to.

Explore their passions, past experiences, and current skills. They will never tire of talking about and researching them.

If the niche you select does not match your life goals, you will be at a disadvantage.

You alone can bring about positive change for the Earth (an untapped niche market). We can unlock it and help you overcome the myth of the competition.

First things first

Will you show up long enough to make it?

It’s not easy to find and tap into untapped niche markets.

It’s simple but requires a lot of effort and only a few people can maintain the consistency required to succeed each week. That is okay!

In our age, the entrepreneurial spirit has been elevated to a new level. Entrepreneurs are the ones who suffer the most.

33,000 niche markets have not been explored, and not 2.5 billion.

In the DNA code, 1/3 of the Earth’s population is employees, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs.

Step 1 to Unlock Your Code is Your Work Preferences


Are you ready to face the inevitable stress, weight gain, and balding associated with being an entrepreneur?

You might not have the right wiring to be a leader in a niche. If you’re afraid of risk, intimidated by others, and looking for a quick way to earn money instead of the hard road to success, you may not be wired to succeed.

If you’re in a tough situation and your lights are cut off, will you get a new job, throw in the towel or go door-to-door and raise the money to have your lights on again? If you have a problem with your client, will you ignore their request and find a new one, or will apologize and own up to it?

Can you demonstrate patience and delayed gratification for a greater reward at the end?

You can create whatever you want at this time. But you will hate it if your creation isn’t in line with your unique code.

Market research: The most important step people miss


The money is the only reason they do it.

Here’s why digital marketing fails.

They lose track of who they are and what it is that makes a niche so appealing. It’s for this reason that I’m going to be honest with you: If you are only serious about getting in a niche because you want the money, and you don’t have a passion for it, you will lose the game before you even get started.

Successful businesses do not thrive because they enter a niche market.

The passion to continue and provide value to their audience drives them to success. It’s not about overthrowing the guy who is currently at the top of the list in that niche. But it’s about being a genuine person with plenty of direction and emerging as the number 1 for that audience.

Can You Create A Business That You Love?

You can only live your DNA when you launch and analyze dialing you each day.

You can create 1,711 trillion unique pieces when you create yourself.

You are made up of 37.2 trillion cells.

There’s A LOT of Uniqueness in That!

You are not living your own life when you conform to the systems and pressures of fear, consumerism, and systems.

Your unique self focuses on the journey of a group and its goals.

You are the only leader who can lead this niche market.

Your voice, your heart, and your burning passions.

Do you and be yourself in your online business

You’re not up against anyone else in your niche. There’s no competition in your niche.

You and your audience are the focus of your niche market, not your competitors. Period.

When you remember that, you won’t feel the need to prove yourself to others just to “succeed” in a particular niche. You just have to be yourself and not even consider being someone else.

You should always be yourself, whether it’s in your YouTube videos, podcasts, or blog posts.

To lead someone to the next step, you only need to be two steps ahead.

Let’s have an arm wrestling match in the comments if you disagree. If you think this has challenged you, and shown that you can be yourself and make money, please let me know.

Do not drift, but rather direct your life.


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