Top 5 Headless B2B Ecommerce Platforms 2023


Headless B2B Ecommerce Overview

The web has become more personalized with the advent of mobile platforms, social media, and the “Internet of Things”. Modern e-commerce businesses must understand their customers’ needs and customize their communications. The future of digital commerce is Headless eCommerce. The reasons for using one are many, but all boil down to the same thing: you get more flexibility and scalability.

You want to use the most advanced technology as a B2B owner. We recommend moving all of your content to a Headless eCommerce Platform so you can provide an exceptional experience across your channels.

This post will discuss some of the most innovative headless ecommerce platforms, and how they could help your business.

What is headless B2B Ecommerce?

Let’s first take a step and define what a “headless platform” is. The term Headless eCommerce has been around for some time. The term is becoming more popular as headless ecommerce platforms gain more popularity.

Headless ecommerce is simply when the “head” of ecommerce is removed.

Headless eCommerce is the removal of any code that interacts directly with the front end of a site.

A headless ecommerce platform is one that separates the front end from the back end. Headless eCommerce allows for quicker development and greater flexibility in terms of the design and functionality of a website.

Headless b2b ecommerce
Headless b2b ecommerce


Why B2B companies should use headless eCommerce platforms

There are many good reasons to choose a headless platform for your e-commerce.

You can completely customize the look of your store. The platform’s functionality or design is not a limitation. This will make the changes to your front-end experience more secure, and easier. It won’t disrupt the architecture of your online shop.

Headless eCommerce offers a much higher level of scalability than traditional ecommerce: you can add or remove features easily as your business grows.

It’s also more flexible in integrating third-party apps, like ERPs, CRMs, and payment gateways. Thanks to the API-based approach, Headless eCommerce integrations are faster, cheaper, and easier to create.


headless b2b ecommerce
headless b2b ecommerce

What are the Top 5 Headless B2B Ecommerce Platforms 2023

1. Adobe Commerce / Magento Commerce

2. Commercetools

3. Fabric

4. Spryker

5. OroCommerce

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